Life at CFS

Since I left the place, a lot of things apparently changed, from rules to course syllabus, so I don’t think I’m qualified enough to talk about what to expect once you’ve enrolled at the PJ campus. You can google this though!

I came across some posts that detailed the tests you need to sit before classes start. But don’t be daunted! I had to sit for some of these tests too (I think there are more now, I’m not really sure. A decade has that tendency to make things a bit fuzzy) and they are necessary to ensure that you would be able to cope with the syllabus, as it won’t be easy if you’re not properly sorted.

Other than the infamous tests, I read that you won’t be studying English once classes start. Instead, you will learn what the Human Science (HS) students are learning and then some. It’s a somewhat new CFS policy which I’m not sure about so I wouldn’t try to explain.

As meh as that sounds, we didn’t study English that much either. We studied some linguistics, drama, poetry and the rest were more general subjects (not related to English). Don’t worry about missing out because once you start at the main campus, introductory courses are compulsory, so you’ll be fully equipped to complete your degree. And if you’re still eager to learn about the English language, the library is always a good place to find reading materials.

BUT, as dull as the class would be, PAY ATTENTION in Research Methods/Methodology class. This is important because it will be invaluable once lecturers start giving you assignments. It will be particularly useful once you move to the main campus. Plagiarism is a serious offence in academia, and this class will help you not to commit a heinous academic crime.

Also, understand how the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) system works if you’re not familiar with it. It wouldn’t mean much when you’re in CFS but once you go to the main campus, where you’ll start with a clean slate, your CGPA matters. A LOT.

On the day to day life at CFS, it’s always good to befriend your roommates. You don’t have to be bffs but being cordial with them is more than advised. They will be the last people you see before you sleep and the first people you see when you wake, figuratively and literally speaking. It would make your time at CFS infinitely better when you have agreeable roommates.

Finally, know where each venue is located so that you wouldn’t be lost once classes start. Find time during the Ta’aruf (Orientation) Week to explore the grounds. Drag your new friend with you or go solo, though this is not advisable for sisters. But if you still find yourself lost despite the homework you’ve done, ASK FOR DIRECTIONS. Seriously, it will save you a lot of time and energy.

Update: The PJ campus closed down. So much has changed in just 10 years *sigh*


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